We're sinners saved by grace and we believe stories change stories. The Lord has uniquely equipped us to share the redeeming power of Christ, together,  through motion pictures.

"Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn. But most of all, the journey is about experiences to enjoy."

Our story began in 2005, when we first met. Neither of us were living lives pleasing to the Lord. In fact, I hadn't fully surrendered my life to Christ, I was 24. 

Mark and I had very different upbringings. He grew up in a solid Christian home and I grew up in a home that was void of all things religion or Christ all together. 

When Mark and I met, I blame it on a divine appointment, it wasn't exactly where'd you'd expect to meet your future spouse. But, as it turns out, the Lord had other plans. We met in the strip club I worked at. That was me, a stripper, drug addict, alcoholic, in and out of jail, house arrest, and the list goes on. Mark was adjusting to life from divorce, and a career that he'd grown weary of, filmmaking.


We dated for three months and soon found ourselves engaged. Crazy right? The Lord continued to work in our lives and things have never been or looked the same since. 

We married in 2008 and had our first daughter in 2009. The Lord has blessed us with three beautiful daughters and they now share our passion for sharing Christ with whomever they interact with.

Fast forward to 2017 - with plenty of life's hardships in between - we both began to feel the Lord calling us to do something much bigger than ourselves. We said "yes", and Fearless Features was created. Our mission - to share stories of life, loss and redemption through Jesus Christ. We have seen others give their lives to Christ through the sharing of personal testimonies. We tell those stories through sharable video content. We live in such a digital world and it has never been more important to share Christ online, around the world. We know stories change stories. We've experienced it first hand. 


It's hard to sum up 15 years and fast forward to today, because there have been so many experiences and we live life to the fullest, never taking anything for granted. We know the power of the Lord as we've experienced it first hand, and we continue to allow the Lord to use us in whatever capacity we can to make a difference for the Kingdom.

Much love,

Amber Archer

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We are a christian filmmaking ministry that educates, motivates and inspires individuals to be the church in their community and allows others to be apart of making an impact for Christ globally through feature films.