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Fearless Features Presents:

Children all across the country are being led astray! You don't have to look very hard for example after example like this one: Teacher Claims 20 Fourth Graders Out Of 32 Students Identify As LGBTQ. How do that many children in one classroom collectively decide that they're LGBTQ? We are talking about nine and ten year olds. This must end, especially in schools where children are suppose to be learning, not led astray.


We've been asked many times, what's next for Fearless Features? After much prayer, the Lord continues to lead in the direction of another investigative documentary film called, 'DYSPHORIA'. Again, we will be doing a deep dive and seeking out interviews from well researched individuals all across the country and answering the questions: Where did this come from? Who's behind it? What are their goals? and How do we as the Church combat the direct assault on our children, families, and fabric of our nation?


Share your support TODAY to help us get this urgently important project completed ASAP!


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Thank you for supporting DYSPHORIA, a project of Fearless Features, Inc. Fearless Features, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All donation are tax deductible.


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