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Fearless Features films are being seen around the world. Viewers are experiencing the life changing power of the Gospel through personal testimonies and movies.

Fearless Features continues to provide production services to other Christ centered ministries and organization in an effort to clearly and effectively communicate their mission and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


When you give to Fearless Features you are not just giving to one ministry, but many who are helping to make a difference through the power of the Gospel of Christ. We've helped local refugee ministries, benevolence ministries, Christian schools, prison ministries, prayer ministries, missionaries and more.

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This ministry is 100% donor supported. Your generosity helps us continue creating and reaching people from all backgrounds and walks of life through films, books, podcasts and more.

We all have a job to do in Kingdom work!! You can help make a difference when you give to the ministry of Fearless Features.