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'Inwood' is now on Prime Video

Every film project is an epic journey on some level, but “Inwood Drive” has been epic on an epic scale. When we finished the film for the second time in March, we contemplated release platforms and strategies, settling on a limited theatrical release.

Then…the lockdowns started, and every theater in the country closed.

We quickly pivoted and went to Plan B – streaming. But, so did everyone else, and so the virtual line for the virtual theater was virtually shut down. The entire industry crashed the streaming platforms and the independent filmmakers were shoved to the back of the line. In our case, we were shoved to the sidewalk as they shut the door. Nobody else in – you and your film are not welcome.

So, we waited again.

We manufactured DVDs and opened an Amazon store. When we attempted to add the DVDs of “Inwood Drive” as a new product, we were shut down. Three times in a row, with no real explanation, Amazon rejected our request to sell our own DVD on their site. The best explanation we could get from them?

“The item you are attempting to sell is not a DVD. No further information is available.”

Distributors and Sales Agents would watch the film, give us rave reviews, but refuse to represent or sell the film. Why? Too much truth. “It seems the subject matter is just too controversial.”

For Amber and I, it had become a regular joke during our morning coffee and devotions together to check the Amazon status, only to see it say “In Review”. Admittedly, we had started to despair. It seemed we would never break through.

Then, this morning, the Lord parted the waters before our eyes. And we are praising Him for his mighty power!


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