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Obscene or Not?

“That’s Obscene?”

What do you think of when I say the word Obscenity? For most people, it conjures up thoughts of “dirty magazines”, nude pictures, X-rated movies. Or does it? Does a society so bent on accepting even the perversity of homosexual marriage and “gender fluidity” even have a standard by which to measure obscenity any more? Not really.

What if I asked you to measure obscenity in relation to your children’s education? Would it surprise you to know that obscene materials and curricula are being forcibly pushed into our public - and even private schools? What sorts of images does that now conjure in your mind? Can you imagine those same “dirty magazine” images being presented to your Kindergarten student?

The Comprehensive Sexual Education agenda that is being pushed into our schools does exactly that, and it’s being done many times under the cover of darkness. In some states, it’s being done forcibly through a radical left legislature that does its own bidding - against the will of the people (and the parents). And once it’s put into place, it is implemented by some of the most corrupt organizations in the world, like Planned Parenthood, and paid for with our tax dollars.

One curriculum recently introduced teaches Kindergarten students how to use condoms, complete with wooden models on which to practice. Another curriculum, written specifically for students aged 10 and up, features cartoon depictions nude children and teens performing sex acts, including masturbation and full sexual intercourse. It also touts the glories of homosexual relationships and the right to an abortion.

Just imagine your 5th grader reading from this textbook. I’ll refrain from the vulgarities at this point but encourage you to listen to the podcast above. You can join us on this journey as we share what we’re learning while researching for our current film project, “The Mind Polluters”.


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