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The Pagan Gods of this Age: Gaia

Last week, former TV host and stand-up comedian, Ellen DeGeneres furiously broadcast herself on her Twitter feed, standing in front of a swollen creek near her home in California. With the flooded creek waters raging behind her, she chastised the entire world for “angering Mother Nature”, as apparently an overflowing creek bed is a sign that we’ve committed some unforgivable sin against the Earth god, and thankfully we have the wisdom of Ellen to enlighten us to our crimes.

“We need to be nicer to mother nature…because mother nature is not happy with us.” In what has now become the stereotypical model of hysterical climate alarmism, Ellen has given us a perfect picture of the absolute panic mindset of those in our culture today who worship the false god of nature - “mother Earth” - known by its ancient name of Gaia.

In our western culture, when you tell someone that they’re worshipping false gods and ultimately bowing down to Satanism, the most common reaction is to laugh it off and declare that they don’t worship anything - because there is no God. Except, personification of the creation is exactly what pagan idol worship has always been. As Romans 1:18-25 proclaims:

Ellen DeGeneres is, unfortunately, a perfect example of this. Proclaiming her fear and reverence for the false deity of Gaia, she represents both the worshipper of the false gods as well as the recipient of God’s wrath because of it. Standing in the middle of the created world, she does not acknowledge the Creator, but attributes the Lord’s creation to a demon named Gaia. She then chastises the whole world for not pleasing this demon through our actions (and inactions, apparently) and cautions us to change our ways to avoid the demon’s wrath.

In addition to this, Ellen has lived most of her adult life as an open homosexual, helping to guide vast numbers of her followers into the same pit of destruction that she is bound for without the Lord. As verse 24 tells us, the Lord gave them up to the lusts of their hearts and the dishonoring of their bodies - a clear reference to rampant sexuality and homosexuality. And why is this? Because they worshipped and served the creature (the creation) rather than the Creator (the Lord). So, the Lord has given them over. They are dead in their sins and can only do wrong at this point.

Christians in the world today have let much of this doctrine of demons into the church and its practices - many times without realizing it. Celebration of things like Earth Day seem harmless enough, until you realize that it is a pagan holiday designed by ideologues in power to appease their angry demon gods disguised as the “angry creation”. Even referencing “mother nature” is an acknowledgement of this false deity. Nowhere in scripture does the Lord refer to himself or his creation as “Mother Nature”. It is the Lord’s creation, and He is sovereign. He is the Lord. He is not creation - the creation was made by Him. He spoke it into existence.

Mother Nature is a sanitized version of Gaia, and Gaia is a sanitized facade for a demon who wishes to draw worship away from the creator - the Lord himself. Don’t be fooled by the false doctrine of demons and be drawn into participating in worship of demons - of Satan himself.

The Lord is the creator of all, and should alone be worshipped and honored.



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