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"Inwood Drive" - Production Update

Shocked but not surprised. That’s all I can say about the news we woke up to this morning that over 2200 dead babies were found in the home of recently-deceased abortionist, George Klopfer. He was keeping them as trophies, “medically preserved specimens” for a man who is responsible for the murder of over 30,000 babies since his reign of death began in 1974.

We interviewed George for over an hour for our film “Inwood Drive” last November, less than a year before he died. It was and still is the only time that anyone ever bothered to sit down with the man to listen to his life story. We knew when we went in to talk with him that we were listening to a lost man who had lied to women his entire career, and that he had also spent his entire life believing his own lies. Little did we know that George had been collecting the bodies of his victims and storing them at his home.

Our hearts and prayers are with the women who bought the lie that, whatever their circumstances, their situation could be relieved. There will be no closure for them apart from the Lord. Please pray!

This obviously affects our production status of the film. As the details of this part of the story unfold, we will be adding them to the story of “Inwood Drive”, which will be released to theaters in early 2020.

Stay tuned.


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