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She Found His Grace

Return guest, Serena Dyksen of She Found His Grace: Abortion Recovery, joins us on our podcast, Fearless with Mark and Amber, to give us an update about the exciting things the Lord is doing through her ministry. We met Serena while producing our documentary film Inwood Drive, as the abortionist in the film was also the same man that performed her abortion at the innocent age of 13.

Serena recounts her story of being raped by an uncle at 13 and becoming pregnant after the assault. Her parents did what was only offered to them at the time, abortion. They took their little girl to an abortion facility in hopes of removing this perceived problem. She recounts the strain it put on her family and how the abortion only added more trauma to their family and made it fall apart. A few years later she again found herself pregnant and choose life in parking lot of a Planned Parenthood clinic. You can learn more about her story as she has documented her journey in her new book, She Found His Grace. You can also learn more about her story from our previous interview.

There is power in sharing what the Lord has done in your life to help others and to Glorify God in heaven.

Inwood Drive is available for viewing on our website. It’s also available on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, PeepTV, and Vimeo, where over 65,000 people have been able to watch the powerful work of God’s people in their unwavering efforts to protect the unborn, women and children, just like Serena, from the trauma of an abortion experience.

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Grab a copy of her book - She Found His Grace: A True Story Of Hope, Love, And Forgiveness After Abortion…cp_api_glt_fabc_



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