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Book Censorship and Obscenity

Debbie DeGroff has spent over 30 years researching and documenting the shifting worldview being presented to children through fictional children's literature, both in-school and in our libraries. Her book, "Between the Covers" offers an in-depth compilation of her years of research, published with the strong encouragement of none other than Dr. Judith Reisman.

Part 4 of our interview with Debbie, she talks about book censorship, obscenity exemptions and more.

We mentioned the map below in the podcast as Debbie talks about the seven states that

don't have obscenity exemptions that already allow the obscene material in the classrooms without an exemption. We've covered this topic in detail as we've visited a couple of statehouses around the country documenting the efforts to repeal these exemptions.

We also covered some statistics of functional illiterates in the U.S. and why parents need to be involved and have a say in their Child's education. Below is the info graph we referenced.

Debbie DeGroff's website:


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