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Stay the Course!

We could feel totally awkward about releasing a movie into the world right now with everything that’s going on. I mean, who has time to even think about much else than the ever present epidemic that is sweeping the world right now? I know we all have things consuming our minds, myself included. However, I know the call the Lord put on our lives and many others well before this pandemic set in. Before getting involved and educating myself in the pro-life movement, I of course didn’t agree with abortion, but never thought about being able to make a difference myself. Friends, this is where I was all wrong. We every one can do something to make a difference in the fight for life. Whether it’s prayer, sidewalk counseling, voting, volunteering your time at your local Right-to-Life (when they reopen of course), or even today calling your state governor - because even during this pandemic some abortion clinics are still open and they’re still killing babies and exposing themselves and others to the spread of the virus. We chose to use the gifts and talents the Lord has given us as filmmakers to make a difference in the abortion battle happening in our country. We are so humbled and grateful that the Lord has allowed us to give a voice to the 2,411 babies that George Klopfer hoarded so callously in his garage and car trunk. When you rent or buy “Inwood Drive”, you’re supporting local missionaries who are unafraid to share the truth and share the Gospel to everyone who watches! Let Inwood Drive Educate, Motivate and Inspire you to get involved in the fight for life. Then, take the next steps and learn what you can do in your own community to put an end to the harm being done to women and the slaughter of the most innocent among us.

We're stronger and better together!



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