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The 43 Drafts

On the podcast this week we talked about the nearly two years that it took to pass what's now known as the 'Patient Safety Ordinance', in Allen County, Indiana. The ordinance required itinerant physicians to have a backup doctor with hospital admitting privileges to be their contact should a complication arise with a patient that had been treated by the itinerant.

On April 2, 2010, nearly 2 years after its initial proposal, the Patient Safety Ordinance was brought forward once again. Over 500 people were involved in the process and the ordinance ultimately passed unanimously by the three County Commissioners.

Scene from the movie Inwood Drive - County Commissioners

We also gave our review on the recently released, extremely controversial - investigative documentary film: 'Plandemic: Indoctornation'. We watched it twice just to take some notes and verify some of their findings.

The filmmakers did a thorough job in documenting everything that was talked about in the film and even provided a 54 page pdf to go along with the movie. The movie doesn't tell you what to think but sticks to presenting the documented facts. That's why we put this on a 'MUST WATCH' list.


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