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The assault on Statewood Baptist Church

On the podcast this week we have exciting and fun things to share and we're picking up where we left off last week at Chapter 7: The assault on Statewood Baptist Church.

A majority of the time our churches are left alone and free from direct conflict or assault. But what happens when your church and congregation are presented with an obvious contradiction to your core beliefs? How would your church respond?

From our documentary film, "Inwood Drive", you see first hand the uneasiness, fear and pressure that comes when matters outside of your control come knocking at your door.

Inwood Drive Movie Still - 01 - abortion clinic outside nursery window
Inwood Drive Movie Still - The view outside the church's nursery window to the abortion clinic.

In the movie you hear from Pastor Hollandsworth wife, Barb, about changing diapers and looking out to see where innocent children are loosing their battle for life directly across the street at the abortion clinic.

Watch Inwood Drive and add it to your library! You can use this impactful story to show how the battle against the abortionists can be won.


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