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The Webster Street Protests

This world is full of conflict! Whether it be current events or history, you don't have to look far to see various battles that are or have taken place on the issue of abortion. It was interesting though to research and study the protests that were happening in the late 80's through the mid-90's at the abortion clinic here in Fort Wayne. Only because we don't see that happening around here anymore because we no longer have an operating abortion facility within a hundred mile radius. In 2018, Fort Wayne was considered the second largest abortion desert in the United States.

For our documentary film we interviewed long time sidewalk counselor and pro-life advocate, Linda Zimmerman, who recounts different incidents with the local abortionist, Dr. Klopfer, the police, and escorts of the abortion clinic. Linda also gives a powerful illustration of the reasoning behind the sit-ins at the abortion clinic. You might even be surprised at who helps the abortionist ply his trade.

If you've ever been curious about standing on the front lines of the abortion battle you won't want to miss Episode 19 on the podcast.

And don't forget to grab your copy of the FREE ebook, 'Interview with the Abortionist'.

Together we can all make a difference in defending the unborn and their mothers.


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