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Uniquely Equipped

We get asked quite frequently about how we can produce such heavy subject films since the release of "Inwood Drive" and the announcement of our next documentary project, "The Mind Polluters."

To understand how we can make films like Inwood Drive and The Mind Polluters it's worth being reminded of the people we use to be. We all have a past and ours isn't pretty but it's what makes us uniquely equipped for this line of work.

We understand how much it makes people uncomfortable but we must stand up for truth. Not our truth but God's truth. Abortion, Gender Issues, Gay Marriage, Racism, Pedophilia, and any other "issue" are symptoms of a much greater issue, the heart issue. It is our job to present the truth, no matter how difficult it may be for some people because it is the truth that will save them and set them free.

The Lord has a job for each one of us to do for Kingdom work. Together, we can make a difference!


Mark & Amber Archer

c/o Fearless Features

PO Box 85061

Fort Wayne, IN 46885


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