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Repealing Obscenity Exemptions

SB288 (Senate Bill 288) was introduced this past week at the Indiana Statehouse and will be up for a vote on Wednesday (Feb. 17th) to either continue on or die in the process of becoming law. (PLEASE PRAY FOR ITS APPROVAL) This is the farthest any bill has gone in the efforts to repeal the obscenities allowed in the public schools and libraries. However, without vigorous support from the citizenry of Indiana - it will die. We’re asking for PRAYER and PARTICIPATION.

A quick overview of SB288 - would make obscene matter (images in books, pamphlets, etc.) illegal inside the schools and libraries. Laws right now state that if obscene matters are shown or disseminated to minors outside the school or library, it's illegal. Somebody can be convicted for disseminating matter harmful to a minor, and they can go to jail. As the law stands right now, if the same matters (illegal outside of schools or libraries) are distributed inside a public school or public library, the obscenity exemptions are in place so the dissemination of harmful matter has a defense and is protected, by law, within the school or library.

Repealing the exemptions would begin the process of removing the harmful materials and begin protecting our children, grandchildren and future generations from the graphic materials allowed to be used, shown, and circulated in the classroom and public libraries. SB288 will protect K-12 students in Indiana from the otherwise illegal obscene material.

As taxpayers, our tax dollars go to fund the very schools that allow these harmful materials to make their way into even the youngest hands and minds of school children. We must make our voices heard. WE THE PEOPLE can do something! Please join us and contact your local representative and tell them to say 'YES' in support of SB288!



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