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We knew this day was coming, we just didn't know when.

Last week we had the opportunity to document the final disposition of the 2,411 babies found last year in abortionist Klopfer’s home and dilapidated car. This completes the filming, once again, of Inwood Drive.  Now we move back into post production to complete the film once more.  We weren’t sure what to expect as we drove to South Bend to make sure these lives are forever remembered and not forgotten. The greatest justice for these lives hoarded, some for two decades, would be that the world would know their story and those who made good on the promise to a dignified, proper burial.  Attorney General Curtis Hill addressed the crowd saying,  "We have identified a burial site with a purpose to memorialize these 2,411 unborn, keeping them together in rest, each of them connected by their common fate. We have gathered here at this site because it is both fitting and proper that these 2,411 unborn, even at this late date, receive their final resting place as would be expected and appropriate for any human being."

On average in America there are 2,362 abortion performed per DAY at this time in history. While we remember the 2,411 here, who are fortunate enough to be recognized, this atrocity happens DAILY in our society. This is why we do what we do, this story must be told and not just as soundbites soon forgotten on the nightly news.  We thank you for your prayers and support as the weight of this film continues to grow. We are working diligently towards a grand completion and closure for the world to see. There has never been a time more important than now to tell this story!


If you or someone you know is hurting from a past abortion, and is in search of healing, please visit this link and connect with others who know the pain personally and have found redemption and freedom.


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