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WIN for Grassroots Taking Action!

Victory at the local level to protect children!

This past Tuesday, January 17th, the Elkhart, Indiana County Commissioners voted on a resolution to support Indiana state legislators in their efforts this legislative session to repeal the state’s obscenity exemption loophole. If you’ve seen “The Mind Polluters”, you know that 43 of our 50 states in America have, written into state law, exemptions for schools and libraries to commit felonies in showing and distributing obscenity to minors. These exemptions were never intended to be abused in the way they have been. They were written and passed under the guise of protecting higher education organizations from prosecution in cases of educational or scientific purposes. In other words, if you’re teaching doctors about anatomy, you shouldn’t be at risk of prosecution for distributing obscenity. It’s a necessary scientific, educational use.

But since then, the Communists in charge of the public school systems in America have used those exemptions as license to push graphic sex ed (read pornography) to children as young as preschool. This has also been abused by the public libraries across the land, as they have embraced placing obscene books such as “It’s Perfectly Normal” into the children’s sections of the libraries.

We are encouraged to see that people at the local level took what they learned in “The Mind Polluters”, used it as an educational tool to educate their county commissioners, and helped draft and support to passage a resolution to encourage the state legislators to pass legislation to finally close Indiana’s obscenity loophole.




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