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Focused on Distractions

It occurs to me that we’re all being played with endless distractions to instigate arguments over things that don’t matter, to take our attention away from plans that are being carried out in secrecy. While we’re all looking one way, the true events that need our focused attention are taking place the other way. All this while the larger enemies are behind our backs.

If you want to defeat an opponent, the first thing you have to do is attack his mind. To attack someone’s mind, you overwhelm them with distractions on every side that take their focus away from what your true intentions are. Attention divided weakens your opponent on the front you are attacking.

Social media, in particular, focuses on keeping us addicted to distraction. Its ecosystem is explicitly designed to make us feel bad about ourselves and the world around us. But wait – if you just click this link, you’ll feel better.

“He wearies them by keeping them constantly occupied, and makes them rush about by offering them ostensible advantages.” – Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

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